Elio Motors Just Delayed Its 3-Wheeler Deliveries Again, Again

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Elio Motors has been trying to get its plucky little “84 mpg” 3-wheeler into production for what seems like forever. Now it has announced to its over-50,000 reservation holders that the car wont start being delivered until sometime “next year,” which we’ve all heard before.

Seriously—Elio Motors has delayed the 3-wheeler again and again, and now again, for reasons spanning from manufacturing space and funding. Now those who have made their reservations for the claimed $6,800 vehicle will have to wait until 2017 so that Elio has more time to develop the car from its on-road testing.

Elio announced that it will sell 100 of its pre-production models to fleet customers and take the information it gets from the preliminary sales to better improve future customer models. The company had originally told the Securities and Exchange Commission that the 100 prototypes would be used for internal testing, but now is selling them.


Do they need the money? Will this damn thing ever be ready for manufacturing? Would you wait 3 years beyond the promised July 2014 delivery date for your 84 mpg inexpensive 3-cylinder 3-wheeler? If you are, please write to us at the email below. Especially if you’re pissed. It’s happened before.


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