Electric Hot-Rodders Combine Tesla And Chevy Parts Into A 420 HP Tire Melter

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Some genius Canadian tuners wired up two Chevy Volt battery packs to a Tesla’s powertrain, and shoved it all into a lightweight a kit car. The result: a car severely in need of some stickier rear tires.

Even if electric cars take over the earth, tuners are always going to find a way to tinker. Case in point: Eurodyne, a Car tuner out of Ottawa, worked with local shop Tapp Auto to throw some seriously awesome electric guts into a Factory Five 818 kit car.

Electrek reports the motors come from a Tesla Model S, and the electrons feeding those motors comes out of a Chevrolet Volt battery pack, which they say can actually discharge at a faster rate than a Tesla Model S’s stock cells.


The results? Well, just look:

The site says the software making all the Tesla and Chevy bits work together as a system was designed in-house by Eurodyne. And apparently that custom software is doing the job, because according to Eurodyne’s YouTube description, the 420 horsepower, 2,500 pound car can rip a quarter mile in 11.5 seconds at 115 MPH.


That’s a solid number, even if it does seem to be severely limited by the traction of those two rear rubber cylinders.