Electric El Camino Our New Favorite Electric Car

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Move over, Tesla. This home-brew Electric El Camino may only achieve a top speed of 85 MPH with its 100 HP motor but it's still the coolest electric car we've ever seen.

Tom Leitschuh of Wisconsin has done what we've all only dreamt of: dropped 46 lithium-ferrite phosphate batteries and a big 'lectric motor into the best car ever built (well, a first-gen would have been cooler, but this'll do).

This 1981 El Camino was in good shape when it landed in Leitschuh's shop and, after 200 hours and $30,000, he created this 33 killowatt-hour beast. As an owner of an electronics controls shop he was able to do the work himself and describes the acceleration as "quick." Who cares? When you're driving something this spectacular you want to slow down and enjoy the "ooohhhs" and "ahhhhhs" as you pass.


And to top other electric car owners, Leitschuh gets all of the power for his car from his wind turbine and solar-barn. Green has never looked better.

[TDL Electronics via Wired:Autopia]

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This is a really classy execution of the electrification of a formerly IC engined car. No big "EV" stickers or banners proclaiming its greenness. Aside from the compromised approach and departure angles, this looks like a normal (read: totally ninja awesome) elco.

So, if a slow looking fast car is a "Q Ship" or "Sleeper", what do we call this?

Is it an "E Boat"? "Shocker"?