This is it. It's the 2009 all-electric Corvette ZR1. Never heard of it? With a 0-to-30 of less than 1:20 and a 1/4-mile of less than three minutes, you will.

The Chevy/Holden/Opel/Vauxhall AmperVolt? Meh. There couldn't be a better green car for the environmentally responsible crowd to be smug about than the electric ZR1. It's so electric, it'll send a jolt to the competition with uninterrupted green performance thanks to its optional 6-mile long extension cord. Pick one up today at your local Hangin' Byathread Motors. We'll be picking one up soon with the dual-speed, performance Makita Power Exhaust system. It's gonna be badass.

[Vette Collections via YouTube]