Eleanor Has Competition With The Obsidian SG-1

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When Gone in Sixty Seconds came out in 2000, the Mustang which held the lead role as "Eleanor" became an overnight sensation. You couldn't throw dead blow hammer without hearing someone compare a car to Eleanor. The brutish fastback was just the right mix of vintage and modern. In that vein, the Obsidian SG-1 is a car as modern as anything on the road, but maintaining a throwback look. Originally a puke green '67 fastback, the SG-1 (which does not travel through wormholes to faraway planets) is now a study in excess.


We're not too sure about everything that goes around the engine and drive train, but nobody is going to argue with the guns this car is packing. A stroked SVO 351W V8 good for 392 cubic inches, two, count 'em, two Rotrex superchargers feeding two air-to-air intercoolers and firing up for over 830 HP and 770 lb.ft. of torque. That monster drives a Tremec 5-speed with a set of steering wheel mounted paddle shifters which cranks a Mittler Brothers 9" rear end. Really damned impressive.

It's all the other stuff that has us down. While it does sport a tube frame and a hidden roll cage, they managed to duct and reshape a little too much of the car. And while we know the mesh is high quality, it just has a certain Pep boys feel to it. The current Mustang headlights are worked into the nose, and we really can't complain too much about them, but that seems like a weird choice. And don't get us started on all the gee gaws and gadgets in the interior. A cabin should be an office and the business should be driving, not fiddling with a 3000W kicker sounds system and a 10.5" LCD screen. Nonetheless, this is a damn impressive piece of machinery, even if it needs to have a couple hundred pounds of electronics garbage tossed to the curb. Obsidian SG-1


Jeff Glucker

I want a miniature version made out of a Kei-car