...and the Prelude To The Dream race starts at 7:00 PM tonight. We could totally make it down to the Tony Stewart-owned track. And believe us, we seriously thought about taking a run down to the track from Detroit. But frankly after covering it last year, the thought of spending the next week wiping down the dirt from our laptop again is making us reconsider the idea — even if it's a blast watching Nascar drivers getting schooled on the dirt-track by the local soil-grinders. But — maybe we'll snag it on Pay-Per-View this year instead. Hey, the money goes to a good cause, right? At the very least we'll try to get some updates tonight — in between watching Game Six of the Stanley Cup Finals. Jeez, why am I feeling like we're going all Deadspin over here? Whatevs — check out the sweet on-dirt action from last year below.



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