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El Pulpo Shows Us The Dangers Of Smoking In The Junkyard

¿Necesita partes? ¡Entonces necesita El Pulpo! Yes, the Pick Your Part chain of self-service junkyards is so big that it has its own TV ads in Southern California, complete with fast-talking spokesman El Pulpo (The Octopus). As far as I know, El Pulpo doesn't do any English-language ads, but that's only a matter of time… someday he'll be more recognizable than Ronald McDonald!


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Rob Emslie

Fire has rarely been an issue I've had to overcome at PaP.

Finding a way across the vast pools of urine between the cars, or discovering the compromising polaroids of some 500 pounds-each couple in the trunk of an Austin 1100 while scrounging for the fuel gauge sending unit, have been.

Still, any trip to Pick a Part is like taking a first furtive step on the bank of an unclaimed section of a gold-country river. The excitement of as-yet unknown glory is palpable.