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"El Camino" Name Is Still Alive For The Pontiac G8 Sport Truck

Illustration for article titled El Camino Name Is Still Alive For The Pontiac G8 Sport Truck

Despite a report from two months ago that "El Camino" was officially out as a name for the new ute from Pontiac, we're now being told by Pontiac spokesman Jim Hopson the name is still very much in the mix. What reason there may have been for this change? Unknown. But all we do know is if the chance still exists to bring back the "El Cam" — to any GM brand — we're in full support of it. What we're not in support of — dropping a V6 between the rails. More on that below the jump.


In addition to the news on the name, we're hearing from our friends at G8 Nation that Pontiac is now considering an additional power plant offering aside from the 361 HP 6.0-liter V8 power plant that is found in the Pontiac G8 GT. It's no surprise then that this new engine would be the same 3.6-liter 256 HP V6 found in the G8 V6 sedan, giving it the same 17/25 mpg fuel economy as the V6 sedan.


Yes, yes, we know the arguments for why the V6 engine makes sense. It has something to do with commercial viability. Whatever. We want a sports ute, and we want it now.

So while it really doesn't make us all that happy to hear V6's may make it back under the hood, we'll be more than willing to ignore that if the name is what we always thought it should be — Pontiac G8 El Camino.

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Rob Emslie

I know everyone is fond of the el camino name, but it does seem weird to me to have it applied to a Pontiac. I'd like to suggest la cabra as an option for the car.