This eight wheel drive F15000 is the result of unholy matrimony between a Ford truck and a Massey Ferguson Tractor. The result is a massive caterpillar powered beast that's currently looking for a new owner.

When you first take a look at the F15000 it's a lot to process at one time. The trucktor weighs 18000 pounds and has an identical height and width of 10'7". A big part of the visual impact of the F15000 are the eight five and a half foot tires it sits on. As previously mentioned, a 1994 Ford F-150 and a 1973 1805 Massey Ferguson Tractor were put together to create this odd vehicle. What basically amounts to a Ford Truck body on tractor running gear, the F15000 has all of the mechanical advantages you might expect of a heavy farm implement, including hydraulic steering, an articulating body and the power of a 3208 Caterpillar engine.


While we can't speak intelligently about what inspires a human being to create an eight wheel drive monstrosity like the F15000 or what you really do with it once it is created, the seller offers a little helpful insight. The seller/creator of the F15000 has thus far used the trucktor for the grand opening of a furniture store, crushing a Malaise-Era Buick Apollo in the process. All seven and a half minutes of the single car crushing were recorded and can be seen below.

The F15000 is for sale on Ebay with an opening bid of $24,000 that has not yet been met. There is plenty of time left on the auction, so the F15000 may find a new home if someone has the correct combination of cash and imagination to come up with a use for it. The truck is also for sale by the side of the road in Florida where, according to seller, the sight of it has already caused a traffic accident.