It's hard to believe until you witness the sheer power in the above video, but this full bodied vintage Rolls Royce is capable of a 8.09 second 1/4 mile. According to the builder, the car is still 100% street legal although it has slimmed down quite a bit to a 3050lb race weight. Helping move this British steel down the track is the twin 88mm turbo fed 588 ci big block Chevy engine that now resides under the car's hood.


Appropriately enough, this hot rod Rolls was built across the pond in England. Shown here is the first and only time the car has been on a track and the Rolls was running a conservative 17lbs of boost. The owner believes the engine has a potential for upwards of 2300hp that should be capable of pushing this example of British luxury well into the 7 second quarter mile range. After seeing what the car is already capable of, we don't doubt these claims for a second.


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