The E'go Revolt is a Russian car built on the old Mitsubishi 3000GT platform, which sounds like the worst idea ever — until you see the first official sketches below.

Since we first heard of the new Russian ride, in addition to the changes to the design, there's also been a slight change to the company's name. Rather than E-Go, it's now E'Go, which we suspect is pronounced like the delicious but terrible-for-you toaster heated waffles.

Since the car will ride atop a Mitsubishi 3000GT with a twin turbo V6 massaged to 550 HP, there are concessions to be made for engineering and fabrication, which necessitated the changes we see here; the rear fascia takes on an entirely different look and a large intake just behind the door for some reason. The whole effect is of a car more uniform in its design but nevertheless a completely strange endeavor.
[E'Go Motors (translated)]