Edmunds Gaming Google On Chevrolet Traverse CUV?

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Google's a mysterious thing in the auto webiverse. If you've got a good story it doesn't necessarily mean you'll end up on top of the search giant's search pages. Sometimes it's so important to get ahead of the rest of the pack, you'll do some very strange things. Like for instance Edmunds. Edmunds is totally the 800-pound gorilla of the consumer internet space. And this 800-pound gorilla is all about getting information on new cars into consumers hands. Apparently that extends to vehicles they don't even have any information on. A prime example would have to be the Chevrolet "Traverse" CUV we just posted some spy photos of earlier today. Heck, we're not even sure yet whether "Traverse" is going to end up being the name of the new CUV. But the name uncertainty hasn't stopped Edmunds from creating a review page for the new — umm — potential name for the CUV. Good ol' Edmunds, creating a review page when they've got no review to fill it — just looking for Google traffic bananas wherever they can find them, eh? Now, we understand that they're not the only folks playing this game — we've heard some of the buff mags being shady too. Just sayin' it ain't just the big guys. Please don't hurt us — nice gorilla... [Edmunds via a Google Search]


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@pushlatency: I don't think I'm being spiteful in my post — just pointing out a fact. I'd be spiteful if I said something like "this is wrong." As far as I'm concerned there's no problem here — but it is, as you said — "interesting."