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The Pixars had an idea they wanted life-size renditions of three of the characters from their upcoming film, Cars. After digging around a bit and conversing with Jay Leno (it always comes back to Leno, doesn't it?) They sent Asphalt Invitational and Billetproof co-founder Jay Ward down to Eddie Paul's El Segundo shop, and with Ward's sign-off, gave Paul the go-ahead to build the cars.

While Lightning McQueen and and Mater were frame-up custom jobs, Sally Carrera started life as a '99 911, which Paul proceeded to hack up and stitch together until she fit the proportions of the movie character.

He chopped 7" out of the wheelbase, added three to the roof, added a mouth to the front, updated the trim to make the '99 resemble a 2002 model, angled the windshield forward and added magnetic roving eyeballs. After the cars' promotional duties have been fulfilled, they'll be retired to Pixar's Emeryville facility as decor. Somehow, though, we doubt they'll be appearing at the Asphalt Invitational anytime soon. [Thanks to Rob for the tip.]


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