Eco-Driving Promoted By Automakers, Governator

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The Detroit News reports on a truce between the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, an automaker trade group, and two advocates of more-stringent vehicle emissions regulations, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter. After a series of public battles over stiffening regulations, including a May meeting where Schwarzenegger told auto executives to "stop whining" and meet new standards that should have gone into effect in 2002, the parties have all decided that a consumer-education Web site is the best way to curb fuel usage. Ah-nold's step-by-step instructions for saving the planet, after the jump. The new collaborative Web site,, urges consumers to slow down, ensure that tires are filled properly, avoid tailgating, remove excess weight from vehicles, replace air filters, and get tune-ups. Sound familiar? Yeah, it's all pretty much the same stuff that's been recommended — and largely ignored — for about 30 years now. But in an effort to be more persuasive, the Web site also has a helpful calculator to show you how much you could save, along with a video featuring the camera-shy Schwarzenegger comparing solving the global energy crisis to taking care of one's body. Oh, and if you look really closely, we're pretty sure you can see Jimmy Carter in the background of the video urging you to turn down your thermostat and put on a cardigan. [Detroit News]


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"Chust by janging how you trive, you can save qvite a bit of fuel. I've altered my own triving habits and now ze gubernatorial Hummer deliffers almost 15 miles per gallon. Dat is a huge improvement."

Arnie's looking a bit fitter these days. I guess he got tired of the tabloids running all those "hot and not" photos with him on the wrong side of the divider.

Ecodriving, hypermiling, call it what you will. It works. I don't know if you can make it work enough to pull the Hummer to supportable territory, but it doesn't matter what you drive (except maybe tanks), it really does deliver.