eBay Find of the Day: Have Ghia 450 SS Will Travel to Port of Rotterdam

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What happens when the most celebrated Italian designers get their hands on a Mopar catalog? Nothing much, these days (perhaps a Bertone-tuned Jeep Compass?). But there was a time when such pairups were as fruitful as the Rossellini-Bergman mashup. One such fruit was the Ghia 450SS, a Barracuda-powered model, designed by Giorgetto Guigiaro and built by Ghia's coachworks. Only 52 450SSs were hand built, and one of the specimens recently surfaced on the eBay machine. Still, with only 10 hours left as of this writing, and not a single bidder — at an opening price of $69,500 — we'd imagine the market hasn't quite raised its voice on these classics, the buying of which is still only a style play. Low supply plus low demand equals, huh? [UPDATE: More on the 450SS from David at Hemmings]

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