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Chile's no stranger to earthquakes, a magnitude-4.5 rocked Iquique as recently as nine hours ago. But after a series of surveys, Dakar Rally race organizers ASO are convinced the country is still safe enough to race over.

Here's the Chilean schedule for the 2015 Dakar Rally

07/01: Chilecito - Copiapó

08/01: Copiapó - Antofagasta

09/01: Antofagasta - Iquique

10/01: Rest day (cars/trucks); Iquique - Uyuni (Bolivia) (motorcycles/quads)

11/01: Iquique - Uyuni (Bolivia) (cars/trucks); Uyuni (Bolivia) - Iquique (motorcycles-quads)

12/01: Rest day (motorcycles/quads); Uyuni - Iquique (cars/trucks)

13/01: Iquique - Calama