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Image: General Motors

Earlier this week, we at Jalopnik were discussing whether Oldsmobile built any cool cars besides the Toronado. Some were skeptical but I knew better. I knew the 1964 Ninety-Eight hardtop was good and cool. It had to be if it was allowed to drive right into this fancy party like this.


Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.

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Just wear your damn mask...

The beginning of the end for many of GM’s divisions was in 1977 when they started using “corporate” powerplants. While I get the efficiencies of having fewer redundant powerplants losing that divisional purity was the turning point to what had been in reality of decades of platform engineering. For example, an Oldsmobile V8 in your Pontiac Firebird or a Buick V6 in your Oldsmobile Cutlass never felt right.