The disassembled front half of a V-12-powered Jaguar E-Type roadster. Sure, we'd rather have a six, but exploded twelves make for much better art, no?

Extra Special Joe Lucas Painful Wiring Troubleshoot Multi-Point Where's Waldo Trivia Round: Anybody name the brand of battery, make and model of tire, and make of carburetor in the top shot? The assembled engine can be seen here, and the garage the car was photographed in can be found here. (Bonus bonus points if anyone can name the Austin-Healey ‚ÄĒ we're assuming it's not a replica, but who knows ‚ÄĒ in the middle, as well as what it was originally used for.)

Also, just because I'm a geek for overhead-cam MGs, word to your mother John Thornley. Maintain the breed, kiddies. Booyah.


Photo Credit: Mike Dean/Mike Dean Photography