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Dutch Auto Site Reports Cerberus To Deny Dodge Challenger To Europe?

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This image was lost some time after publication.

We didn't mean to have two posts up this morning on the new retro muscle car from Dodge, but after we reported the somewhat old and obvious news that the Challenger would be coming in an SRT model, we're also hearing some rumblings from the Netherlands. Apparently, and this is coming via a Dutch site with a funny sounding name, Europe not only won't be receiving any SRT versions of the Challenger, they won't be receiving any R/T or any base models. On top of the denial of muscle to Europe, they're also reporting the new owners of "The New Chrysler" won't be making very many of the muscle car for the North American market either. At least that's what we're gathering from the following Babelfish-translated quote:

"the dead Challenger do not come to Europe. In the business plan the manufacturer has taken into account purely a limited sale on the American market.

It is for the European liefhebbers of the model hope that new owner Cerberus returns on the decision of previous Chrysler-top and the modern interpretation of dead muscle adapts car for supply on the European market."


While we try to figure out what a "liefhebber" is, you sit and ponder why Cerberus is putting a stranglehold on the number of vehicles sold of an enthusiast-driven product like the Challenger? And what will become of our Muscle Car Wars we've been waiting so patiently for? []

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Being from Belgium, where we also speak dutch (well, half of us anyway), I've translated the original message as well as I could:

"The Dodge Charger is not coming to Europe. In it's businessplan, the manufacturer has only taken into account a limited production run in the U.S..

European enthousiasts can only hope that new owner Cerberus will reconsider the decision from the former Chrysler-top and adapt the modern interpretation of the Dodge muscle car for sale o the European market. "Maybe the new direction has a different view about this affair. If all importers stand up, perhaps they can "force" export of the car. If the new manufacturer signals demand outside the home market, they have to come back on their decision," according to a non-american, highly-placed Chrysler official."

The rest of the article explains how good the reactions at NAIAS '06 were when the model was presented, some technical details and how Chrysler decided to give the green light for production, due to start in 2008...

Hope this helps. I'm a muscle car fan myself and I'd sure like to see the Challenger coming to the Old Continent...especially if it'd make Ford do the same Mustangwise.