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An Ohio dealership discovered the dead body of a man underneath a GMC Yukon, who evidently didn’t take the necessary safety precautions while he attempted to steal the wheels off of the SUV.


According to a report by the Canton Repository, via The Truth About Cars, 43-year-old Richard E. Ritch was killed in the middle of the night trying to remove a wheel from a GMC Yukon sitting on a dealership lot after the jack he used to lift the vehicle collapsed.

The worst part is that nobody noticed until long after he was dead, as mentioned in the Canton Rep’s report:

Dealership employees initially did not see his body before they opened the dealership at 9 a.m. He was behind a row of vehicles.

After a vehicle that was blocking the view of the man’s body was moved, a sales associate looking out the window spotted the man’s body, sales manager Kyle Green said.

The vehicle had fallen on Ritch, pinning him, and one wheel had been removed from the vehicle, said Walters.

The dealership remained open during the police investigation, and the car was sent through the service department to check for damages.

Thief or not, it should be a crime to not use the proper jacking technique, ensuring that the vehicle is supported with jack stands before sticking your head in the melon-crusher zone.

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