“Let me go out there and let me get one wave, just one wave before you take me in,” said a dumb kitesurfer quoting Point Break before deciding the Florida coastline about to be brutally pummeled by Hurricane Matthew was a great place to try some new tricks, probably.

He did it. He got the big one. “I’m going to look so cool kitesurfing in that hurricane,” he probably thought. That’s pretty cool! Probably not worth the guesstimated 40 foot drop into shallow ocean and possible death, though! Whatever, dude!


At least he nailed the landing.

This reaction is better than the surprisingly unexcited newscaster that I think is in the above clip:

That appears to be WSVN Miami notifying people of local shelters why this guy is out living the kitesurfer’s dream.

This post has been updated to better represent what happened. Dude.

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