A cop in Doncaster, England reportedly parked his unmarked police car in a neighborhood to look for a suspect. By the time he got back to the car, he'd forgotten he'd driven that one and freaked out thinking he'd found a stolen police car.

The Doncaster Free Press would like to remind us "it's highly embarrassing, but policemen are only human and make mistakes."


But I mean. Come on dude.

Apparently Doncaster PD has some unmarked patrol cars they use "occasionally." Metro UK says this particular peace officer forgot to sign out the silver Vauxhall Corsa he'd taken to dispatch justice, and when he pinged it with his license-plate lookup device it came back as a stolen vehicle.

A fellow law enforcer answered his call for backup and with their powers of detection combined, got to the bottom of the mystery. The British press quotes the arriving officer: "That's our bloody car, you've just got out of it."

I understand getting excited about a false-positive... but how do you not take the extra nanosecond to realize "hey, didn't I get here somehow? In a car just likethat one? Parked exactly there?"


Sounds like this officers's one stale donut away from snapping into a loose-cannon-renegade-cop-on-the-edge. Doncaster PD, please give them a day off.

Hat tip to Andrew R! Image from the Keystone Cops, naturally.

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