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Dumb British Hooligans Burning Traffic Cams in England

Illustration for article titled Dumb British Hooligans Burning Traffic Cams in England

MAD — no, not the drunk driving group, but the Motorists Against Detection — is a group in England that is actively burning and destroying traffic cameras and making sure everyone knows about it. The group claims to be responsible for 1,000 destroyed cameras in the past 7 years.


MAD has since announced that a new zero-tolerance policy will be initiated (what policy was active prior?) to eliminate every traffic camera in the country. All we've got to say is — stop being a baby about having to go the speed limit in your 1995 Volkswagen. [Engadget]

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Manwich - now Keto-Friendly

@danio3834: Hey Danio... Didn't know you were a fellow Ontarian. Did you hear about the 85 year old man who got nailed for street racing?


Eventually this law will piss off enough people... including these

older people, some of which probably have some power, money and

influence... that it just might become an election issue like photo

radar was.

It pisses me off with how the OPP just focuses on the speeding

section of the Highway Traffic Act... because of course, enforcing that

section is the easiest way to raise revenues. And with this draconian

law, regular speeding is now "street racing"... which gives them the

right to set ridiculous revenues... um... I mean "fines".

This doesn't affect me directly because I'm one of the hyper-miling slow drivers in the right lane.

But I still disagree with it in principle.

I have driven fast on occasion. Doing 160, especially on a highway

like the 407, isn't that big a deal. The biggest danger is the odd

idiot who thinks doing 100 in the passing lane is okay... and that

going in front a line of cars doing 140+ at that speed is okay too.