Dudes Run Wild: Dyno Party Is The New Drag Strip

How weird is an automotive subculture where the competing cars don't move an inch? Super weird. Still, even the strongest restraining belts can't contain the savage fun of this... dyno party.

Exhibit A would be the above dyno party produced by NYCE1S.com.The focus of the evening is CarlitoDaKing taking on Ceazdachamp in cars with their hoods removed to expose turbochargers the size of jet engines. While the propellers dip into the lunatic end of the rev range you cringe in anticipation of the whole shebang blowing up and showering the packed crowd with cherry-hot pieces of metal.

As both the DJ and the turbos spin away, it slowly dawns on the viewer that we’re seeing an exquisite parody of what we should expect from a post-Carpocalyptic car culture. It's a sport where inflated and wholly pointless horsepower ratings with no roads to utilize them on do nothing to tamp the fun to be had. If this is the new automotive sub-culture in a world without money, we at least applaud the attention to technical detail if not the adrenalin rush of the old method of doing the same thing — straight-line racing on a drag strip.

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