Dude Narrowly Avoids Getting Run Over By Formula One Cars In Practice

If there's one place you don't want to hop onto, it's on an active race track. It does not end well. In most battles of Man vs. Car, man will typically lose. If you're going to be a total moron and run out in front of a Formula One car, oh, geez. That's a car that will catch up to your moron body faster than you'd expect.

Behold, this is what stupid looks like.

The mystery runner who came out during Free Practice 2 of the Chinese Grand Prix was apprehended shortly after running across the track. There was no need to red-flag the race, as he quickly got taken into police custody.


No one knows why he ran across the track, but he was apparently en route to the Mercedes garage.

Don't run out on a hot track. Not if you're an animal. Not if you're a dude. It never ends well. Not for spectators, not for the teams, and especially not for anyone or any varmint that gets hit.


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