Ducati Might Have An 1100cc Scrambler Next In The Pipeline

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Ducati brass are not quite ready to confirm next year’s bike offerings, but they are saying that the Scrambler Ducati line is not done yet and they’re looking to go big or go home.


This week is the world launch of the Scrambler Sixty-Two, the 400 cc version of Ducati’s Scrambler, in Barcelona. We Americans are getting our own even at the end of March, so you’ll have to wait until then to hear about the bike.

But Visordown, which happens to be in Barcelona, is reporting that project manager Federico Sabbioni had some very interesting things to say during the trip:

We’ve got the engines, there is room to make something bigger. We’ll see, we have a number of ideas and we’re thinking about it... there is a volcano of ideas.

I think we will continue to apply this kind of engine, we have in the past made a number of different displacements of this engine so we have experience and room to do a different version in terms of engine sizing. There’s great possibility to stretch the brand with the 800cc engine, then of course there’s also the possibility to make the bigger engine.

So why assume an 1100 cc Scrambler? Ducati isn’t likely to develop an all-new motor for a bike like this, which means their options are sparse. The 1000 cc motor from the Sport Classic 1000 is an absolute gem but, with the current landscape of competition, they’d likely go bigger.

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The 1100 cc from the 2012 Monster Evo makes more sense against the BMW R nineT, Moto Guzzi Griso, and new Triumph Bonneville T120/Triumph Thruxton. Obviously, they’ll still need to do some tinkering to make it Euro 4 compliant and tune it more appropriately for the application, but it would be a good fit.

Personally, I wouldn’t want anything bigger than the 803 cc motor in the current Scrambler, but that’s not very American of me. Would you?


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Eddie Brannan

No. 800cc is a “big” engine in my book, but this is America so people will always feel they need bigger/more, and given there’s an established market for this type and displacement of bike I am sure it will do well.

I wonder where this leaves the venerable Monster, though. This retro thing with the Scrambler, the Triumphs, Guzzi and the R Nine T might leave the whole naked bike concept high and dry. The Monster’s looks have been moving away from the sportbike/streetfighter area as it is. An 1100 Scrambler and the Monster Evo would be very similar bikes with pretty slight aesthetic differences.