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We've decried the rise of dub culture for years, and it finally seems that it's reached critical mass and is now on the wane. At least, we hope it is. 13s are the new 23s, and the Starlet is the whip to have. Actually, we suppose due to its diminutive size, it's really more of a flogger than a whip. Rum, sodomy and the lash aside, some guy who used to be in the Necros kicked down this rather disconcerting mash-up he found on eBay: A Kawi quad featuring a blingin' set o' big wheels with rubber-band tires. In Ohio, of all places. Dear Ohio: you gave us Rocket From the Tombs, the Dead Boys, Devo and the band the guy who tipped us to this used to be in. Why did you have to go and give us this? We'd almost forgiven you for Family Ties.

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