DuBow's Bow-Wow-ing Over Autos At Business Week

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Charles DuBow, the former lifestyle editor for Forbes.com was most well-known for his "Top Ten list-gasms" of cars we can't afford. Last month he packed up his bags and moved over to Business Week for a spiffy new office and a spiffy-er new title of "Director, New Products." DuBow maybe shoulda kept with the whole Letterman-type gig, because a "Director, New Products" seems to consist of bitching about how his auto stories "heds" and "deks" aren't being used. Would that make him a bit of a "dek-hed?"

Please Do Not Annoy, Torment, Pester, Molest, Badger, Harass, Heckle, Tease, or Copyedit the Bigshot New Editor [Gawker]


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