Dubai Police Fines Drivers For Making Car Theft Too Easy

In an attempt to counter a surge in vehicle thefts, drivers in Dubai will face a fine of 300 Emirati Dirhams (about US$81) if police find their cars unattended with the engines running while parked.

It is apparently not uncommon in Dubai for a driver to simply let the car run while ducking into a store or bank or mosque, and it is also increasingly common for those idling cars to be stolen; at least ten percent of car thefts happen when the perp simply drives away with an empty idling vehicle.


Authorities also strongly recommend that drivers lock their doors when the vehicle is unattended and avoid carrying valuable papers or other items in their cars. No word yet on whether police also suggest that drivers use headlights after sunset and add more gasoline to the tank when it runs low.

Photo Credit: Åndrey

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