Dubai-Based Dune Bashing Is Best In Dune Buggies

Real dune buggies tend to weigh -100 tons, and also tend to have +1000 horsepower (these figures are approximate). Which makes them ridiculously fun to fly over mountainous sand dunes with, and ridiculously fun to pop wheelies with.


Team Blacksheep made this video to show off their drone-based production mad skillzz, and honestly, I'm not sure this video could happen any other way. Giant rooster tails of sand shoot out the back of these nutty machines, and the only way to properly see them fly is from above.

There are ridiculous slow-motion shots, but what really ties it all together are the low fly-bys, that almost look as if they've been done from the world's hugest camera boom. It's this kind of technology that makes the future of low-budget filmmaking look incredibly bright. No longer do you need to rent the ridiculous(ly priced) rig of your dreams. Just throw a camera into a drone, and you should be good to go.


I've never really had a strong urge to go to the UAE, but I think I've got one now.

Because Dubai.

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Very cool, but I have to say that the redneck sand sports utopia that exists at Silver Lake, Michigan gives Dubai a run for their money:

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Hoonage