Dual-Engine DeLorean Up For Single-Engine Sale

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This DeLorean isn't fitted with an original PRV V6. Instead, it's packing a 500 cubic-inch Cadillac V8 behind the driver and a 2.0-liter Honda B20A in the nose. The seller's only including one engine with the sale, but which one?

It's a threesome made in grease monkey heaven, a DMC DeLorean shell, the 2.0-liter four cylinder from a 1988 Honda Prelude powering the front wheels and the whopping big 500 cubic inch V8 from a 1970 Cadillac Eldorado powering the rear. The decision to build this monstrosity probably came under the influence of some powerful intoxicants but the process was pretty radical. Obviously they chopped both engines out, keeping the Honda's front end intact, then built up a new custom frame to underpin the DeLorean and accept both the Caddy V8 and the Honda front end. After sorting out nightmares like the electrical system and brakes, they tied the two motors together by the throttle linkage and created an electronic controller to lord over both automatic transmissions.


When it was all put together the car had the Honda engine up front and the Caddy mill replacing the original V6, it "all-wheel-drive" and a total displacement of 10.2 liters turning out 450 HP. Were you to ask anyone for two of the most dissimilar engines ever, it would have been tough to come up with a more disparate pair. Driving a car with a peaky Honda engine and a low and slow Caddy engine had to be a trip, but it also overheated for fun, and has enough broken bits to be really annoying. The car can run in front-engine-only or two engine mode and under full power squeaks out 1/8th mile of 71.21 MPH at 9.422 seconds, not stellar, but for a homebrew, not too shabby. A hack's masterpiece.


Now that it's going to auction, the builder has wisely decided to keep the almighty Caddy engine and sell it with only the Prelude's wimpy 135 HP four-cylinder, a messed with custom DeLorean isn't going to pull down much regardless of the number of engines it's got. Hopefully some nutso buys it and drops in something equally manic. (Thanks for the tip YuleAesacus)

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