Drunk Smalltown Beauty Queen Wrecks Her PT Cruiser And Knocks Out Electricity

Sarah Richardson is a model citizen of Las Cruces, N.M. She's a beauty queen, she volunteers in the community, and she may even want world peace. But she ended up disturbing the peace the other day when she allegedly got drunk and crashed her car into a light pole.

Like a runway strut gone wrong, pandemonium reigned supreme at the intersection where Miss Las Cruces made her entrance. When her PT Cruiser hit the light pole, it fell over and knocked down a traffic light. Cars got caught in the downed wires and hundreds of people were without power for hours. A few area hotels even had to reimburse customers for loss of service. It was a huge, huge mess.


But Richardson still put on her best beauty queen smile for the police mugshot camera. (Hat tip to I'm VeeArrrSix and you're not!)


Photo credit: KVIA 7

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