A Nevada woman, Misty (of course) McCollister, has pleaded guilty to attempted child abuse after putting her 12-year-old in her lap and telling him to drive her home. And the story gets worse.

Apparently there was another kid—a 7-year-old—in the car as well!

McCollister, a recovering alcoholic, went on a weekend-long bender, according to reports, and was with a friend who drove himself home with McCollister and the kids in the car. Stranded in his driveway drunk, she decided to put her son on her lap so he could see over the steering wheel and told him to drive them home. (Did they all put their seat belts on?)


They were stopped a few blocks from home when the car was spotting weaving down the road. McCollister had a .299 blood alcohol level, which is the about what a frat boy would have after 73 consecutive beer bongs. She faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine when she's sentenced December 14. Considering the judge already called her "evil," she's probably not going to get any leniency. [Daily Mail, via]