It's two-thirty in the morning, you're a raging drunk cop, stuck at the Taco Bell drive-through desperately in need of cheesy double beef burritos and some jerk won't hurry up. What to do?

While we can't be certain this was the exact scenario posed to off duty Maryland State Trooper Bruce Anthony Wrzosek, 22, we can be certain it's a reasonable assumption of the problem he faced as he sat idling in his marked cruiser. Obviously he couldn't just sit there and wait, so instead he turned on his lights and started yelling at and assaulting people in the cars ahead of him. Things got out of hand and Officer Wrzosek threw a 20-year-old man into the back of his cruiser for some reason. At that point a Baltimore city cop showed up and asked Wrzosek to park his cruiser and get out. Instead he took off with his lights and sirens blaring and took the cops on a brief high speed chase.


After blowing a 0.20 BAC in a field sobriety test Wrzosek was arrested and he's been summarily fired from the force. He's also been charged with kidnapping, second-degree assault, false imprisonment and alcohol-related traffic violations. He's currently being held at Baltimore City Jail on $500,000 bail, but we suspect he'll make a run for the border as soon as possible. [Baltimore Sun]

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