Drunk man gets DUI while trying to drive deer to hospital

Nothing mixes well with drinking and driving—even poorly executed but well intentioned compassion for animals. 29-year-old Andrew Caswell didn't know what to do after he hit a deer with his car last week in Greene, NY. After an argument with his three passengers about what to do with the deer, Caswell decided to drive the deer to the hospital.

Although this sounds like a humane and rational thing to do there were a few problems with Caswell's plan—he was drunk and the hospital was of the human variety. When Caswell got pulled over on his way to the hospital he blew a 0.16—twice the legal limit in NY. Unfortunately when the police officer that pulled Caswell over found the deer in the trunk it was already dead.


According to the Associated Press although Greene Police Chief Todd Baxter found Caswell's attempts to save the animal commendable "driving while intoxicated will not be tolerated."

Hat tip to ncasolo!
Original Photo Credit: Deviant Art

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