Drunk Driver Jailed After Launching Car Over Traffic Circle With A Baby On Board

A mother was more than three-times the legal limit when she drunkenly launched her crossover 14 feet high over a roundabout while overtaking a truck—with her toddler in the car. Footage of the wreck was captured on the truck’s dashcam.


The woman from Coventry, England had admitted to drinking vodka from “9:00 pm to 1:00 am” the night before, but didn’t feel drunk before getting behind the wheel, according to the Coventry Telegraph today. It was reported that a bottle of vodka was found in the car at the site of the crash.

Following the crash, which occurred back on December 12 of last year, other motorists rushed to help her and her 19-month-old son, who was miraculously unharmed. A district judge has now sentenced the mother to six months in jail and a three-year driving ban.

Seeing the video of the car launch like it hit a ramp, it’s unbelievable the child and mother escaped almost entirely unharmed. How somebody could be willing or ignorant enough to endanger their child like this, especially in the situation shown in the video, is just unfathomable. Don’t drive drunk!

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik


Coincidentally, about an hour ago (3:00pm on Monday afternoon). I’m sitting in front of a coffee shop and there’s a shitfaced old drunk parked in the red zone right in front of me. He’s obviously trashed; puking out the window, nodding in and out, etc. Shitfaced Drunk in the middle of the afternoon. I called 911, cops show up, he fails all their tests and blows a 1.34 (08% is the limit) and then....the cops call the old bastard a frickin cab!!! I overheard one cop asked the other, “Do you want a DUI?” and the other one said, “Nah”. And then to top it off, the cops drove his piece of shit old car around the corner and parked it legally so it wouldn’t get towed. Oh and for the record, I don’t live in fucking Mayberry, I live in Seattle.

Arrrg. I guess my point is that until we start getting serious about punishing these menaces, the problem is not going away. The dumb bitch in this video should have gotten at least a year behind bars and had her license permanently revoked. Rant over.