Drooool! 1,410-Mile 1982 Datsun 280ZX Turbo Sells For $29K

When you hear about an all-original old car with low miles, you figure the clock's going to be showing something like 30,000 miles. But 1,410 freakin' miles on a 26-year-old 280ZX Turbo? Between the time we heard about this car and the time we started writing this post, a buyer sprained all his fingers punching the Buy It Now button and snared this time capsule for $29,000 (which is a deal, because the inflation-adjusted price of this car new comes to $37,169). Make the jump for even more photos. Thanks to FatBraff for the tip! [eBay Motors]

Oh yeah, and if you liked the '82, the same seller also had this 9,092-mile '84 300ZX Turbo, which went for $28,000.


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