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We have no idea how well they make coffee, but we trust the guys at The Car Connection not to completely dilute their car reviews with watery insights. Plus, they're pretty quick on the draw. In this case, regarding Pontiac's new Solstice roadster, TCC beat nearly every other attendee at Pontiac's launch event in Portland, Oregon to press. And in the case of a highly anticipated model, speed counts for a lot. [Updates: Our reviewer/colmunist and attendant to detail, Robert Farago asks, rightly, "Where the hell do you put the front license plate?" Good question. Also, an astute reader points out that AutoWeek's print edition beat TCC by a few days, which we would have known if we'd remembered to send our subscription renewal check promptly, as we were asked. Thanks, Marc.]

2006 Pontiac Solstice [The Car Connection]

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