Driving The Polaris Slingshot Is Apparently Like 'Surfing Asphalt'

The three-wheeled road-legal sports motor vehicle Polaris has been teasing for months is finally "almost here." It looks like a new iteration of the Campagna T-Rex, or a Can-Am Spider you might actually want to ride.


Apparently the full reveal is coming on July 27th, with teasers like the one above dropping throughout the month. Looks like there's already a Slingshot Forum drumming up excitement for the new machine, and rumors are circulating that the three-wheeler will be powered by a 2.4 GM Ecotec, 1.0 Ford EcoBoost, or the 900cc engine from Polaris' RZR 900.

Here are some renderings of the shape we're expecting:

Hat tip to t0astm0nkey!



Why are all these vehicles going with three wheels? Is there some sort of design advantage I'm not understanding? Is it that much harder to add a fourth wheel?