Driving the Farboud GTS

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Our globetrotting, supercar-flogging buddy from Blighty, Nick Hall, tells the story of Arash Farboud's bid to build a better Ferrari. After his attempt to acquire an Enzo was met with a prancing, equinine "SOL, champ," Farboud picked up a more accessable Porsche Carrera GT and used a portion of his family's pharma phortune to launch an improbable car-building project. The result was the Farboud GTS, an Audi-powered prototype that's as rough hewn as it is ready for tail-kicking action. The production product will likely be a different machine — Cosworth Ford powered, for example — but Farboud's already got plans to bring his creation to the US. And that's more than we can say for Lee Noble's hardware. What say you, Nick?

WCF Test Drive [Farboud GTS]

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