Driving the Brooke Double-R

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US pop-culture freaks will likely picture the star of "Suddenly Susan" eating a ham-and-cheese burger at Roy Rogers when they hear its name (or maybe it's just us), but the Brooke Double-R is indeed a sports car, and one powered by a Cosworth-tuned Ford Duratec to boot. It's also got a higher power-to-weight than a Lamborghini Murcielago or Porsche GT2, making it a track-day sled of note, despite it looking somewhat like a kit car from the mid-80s. The blokes from Pistonheads got to test it out, and report back on the Double-R's relentless acceleration and "meaty feel." Anyone for a Double-R Bar Burger? Brooke?

Brooke Double-R [Pistonheads]

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