Driving Straight Towards Two Huge Tornadoes Is The Peak Of Insanity

I know that "technically" the people in this video are "professional" "storm chasers," and that "technically" they "know what they're doing," but by golly I can't fathom anything that would make me want to drive straight towards these whirling vortices. That's nuts.

This footage was shot by Ben McMillan and the Iowa Storm Chasing Network team near Pilger, Nebraska, just yesterday, and sadly, it seems to have leveled nearly the entire town. Two people were killed, including a 5-year-old.


Locals were allowed back into the town this morning, to salvage what they could from the destruction that the two EF-3 tornadoes wrought.

If you see a tornado, seek shelter immediately. You can also earmark any donations to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for Pilger.

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