I have seen bad drivers. I have seen drivers weave, I have seen drivers bob, I have seen drivers head directly into oncoming traffic. I have never seen a driver so bad, so awful, so head-shakingly silly, that they actually manage to set off a chain reaction of other accidents around them.

"Flee! Flee, your life depends on it," the other cars seem to scream. No, not the drivers, the actual cars. Because at some point, the innate drive for self-preservation, if it's strong enough, will animate even mechanical objects.

First, the Crazyvan heading to Crazytown smashes into the car in front, and then it backs up for another go. Desperate to get out of the way, other cars start dinging up each other.

Finally, Crazyvan heads directly for the intersection, where it's promptly hit by a trolleybus, putting it out of its misery.

This is what driving hell looks like.