Driving An Old Mack Truck Looks Mind-Boggling

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I know that being here at Jalopnik means I must be an automotive expert, but every so often a piece of vehicular machinery comes along that appears to be downright confounding. Like this 15-speed, two-levered gear box out of an old Mack truck.

Now I understand there must be some sort of logic, some sort of pattern to all this shifting. I just haven’t found it yet. It looks like the poor driver in this Mack B61 is just pulling and pushing randomly, and magically the thing gets moving. Sometimes you move one back, sometimes you move one forward, and sometimes you move both at the same time.


I want to try to drive this, fail, and then cry tears of joy at the unnecessary complexity. Maybe Eddie Izzard can help him out.

Photo credit: jeremyg3030

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Buddy of mine had a Kenworth with a KT-600 and a two stick in it. I sat right there while he explained the shift pattern so I can safely say... there is no pattern.

I’ll see your two stick, and raise you three sticks. ~ five minutes in to see the whole routine.