Driver Suspected Of Drug Use Crashes Into Caffeine Dealer

A Washington woman suspected of drug use crashed her SUV into the drive thru of a Starbucks—a chain of cafes notable for selling caffeine products, often annoyingly referred to as the most popular drug in the world.

According to Washington’s KOMO News, a woman in an SUV flew through an intersection, over a curb and some shrubbery and landed nose-down on top of two cars in a Starbucks drive thru around 11 A.M. It was reported that nobody in the three cars was seriously injured.


It was originally suspected that the driver of the destructive SUV had a medical episode, but Police later suggested that drug use may have been involved.

Drugs are bad, kids. Unless they come in a heat-insulated cup, cost a small fortune and taste like creamy pumpkin spice deliciousness.

h/t to Greg!

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