Driver Flies 50 Feet Through The Air, Hits Dave & Busters, Survives

In what is definitely one of your dreams, but is definitely terrifying in real life, the driver of a pickup truck in San Diego found himself launching off a freeway onramp and flying 50 feet through the air, before smashing into the side of a Dave & Busters. AND HE LIVED.

This, friends, is truly living.

The California Highway Patrol is still investigating witness reports that the whole thing wasn't intentional, weirdly enough, according to the LA Times. Apparently what happened was the pickup was struck from behind, causing it to spin out and lose control which resulted in its brief flight of glory.


The driver was extricated from the vehicle by local firefighters, and he was conscious, despite suffering possible back and neck injuries. Click here for video if it doesn't load below.

Amazingly, the patrons of the D&B didn't notice a thing, least not of which the giant, newly-formed crater in their favorite local chain overpriced arcade-bowling-drinking-greasy-food entertainment establishment.

That last bit is probably the weirdest part.

Screengrab via KSWB

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