Driver Discovers New Way To Wheelie Dump Truck

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We have to hand it to Freddie Mitchell of Hartford, Connecticut for inadvertently discovered a new way to wheelie dump trucks: by leaving their beds raised then ramming overhead signs at highway speeds.

Mitchell, 62-years young, pulled out of a roadside construction site along I-84 with is bed fully raised in "dump" mode. Accelerating hard for 3/4 of a mile, he made contact with the sign for Exit 63 at highway speed. The impact lifted the truck's cab 20-feet into the air for a truly epic wheelie, but because the sign failed to give way, Mitchell was then stuck in an extremely precarious position.

It took nearly an hour for Mitchell's support crew/local emergency workers to brace the truck against it falling and then lift him down with a cherry picker. Local commuters were thrilled to witness such a daring spectacle. [via]

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