/DRIVE Is Coming Back To Kick Ass And Shred Tires

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Oh man, is automotive TV shaping up to be quite excellent this season. On one hand, you have Jalopnik’s very own Car vs. America to look forward to (Oct. 18 on Fusion!). And on the other, you have /DRIVE, which is returning to NBC Sports on Oct. 19 for its fourth season.


Together, Matt Farah, Mike Spinelli, Alex Roy and relatively-unknown Chris Harris (who has a job on some other show whose name escapes me at the moment), will explore speed, technology and car culture. The show will span from Miami to Iceland to Italy to Norway. Knowing those guys, I don’t suspect anything will go wrong or break down at all.

Episodes will air on Thursday nights at 1o p.m. EST and span across the next seven weeks. That’s seven episodes of speed, sunny Florida adventures, trips to Italy and a tribute to our greatest national treasures, the national parks of the American West.

Here’s the trailer; get excited.

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Is this the same /Drive that’s on YouTube including the pay channel /Drive+?

That was the first and last time I subscribe to a pay channel because they just up and vanished, no longer producing any content. It would’ve been nice for them to announce they were quitting because the subscriptions still pay out while you wonder for a month or two... uhh... you guys making anymore videos?

I’ll be sure to pirate this as recompense. =P Here’s hoping they can keep it going longer than their /Drive+ channel.