Drive Around In Circles At Bangladesh’s Mango Roundabout

Hello, fellow friends of tropical fruit! Here’s some simple mango math to keep you occupied, preferably while you’re driving a rental car in Rajshahi, a city in Bangladesh on the banks of the lower Ganges where this fabulous roundabout is located.

Bangladesh is a minor mango producer, but its annual output of 1.05 million tonnes is still such a vast amount of mango that, even if made of solid gold, the three mangoes which adorn the roundabout would have to be 640,000 cubic feet each for this fruit basket to equal in weight the Bangladeshi mango crop. In other words: 78.5× the gold reserve of the United States—per mango.


Those would be epic gold mangoes. Eat your share of mangoes. Mangoes are awesome.

Photo by Junaid Alam Khan. Mango production data (2010) from FAOSTAT. Gold reserve data (2010) from World Gold Council.

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