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Drifting A Porsche 911 R Up A Snowy Mountain Is A Very Expensive Adrenaline Rush

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Taking risks in life can sometimes lead to great things. If you took those risks and they made you rich enough to buy a Porsche 911 R, congratulations. I’m just not sure the risk of drifting that 911 R on a snowy mountain road is worth it, though.

In an Instagram video uploaded by powerslidelover, somebody with a nice watch does just that:


Yea, sure, there’s no need for a 4x4 in the snow, but there’s also no need for the immense amount of anxiety I feel while watching this video.

At least the driver seems to know what they’re doing, just, you know, be careful man.


Thanks for sending this our way, Nicolò!